Dance Act EL Wire Set = 12 metres of EL Wire + Trigger Driver




Take Street Dance to a whole new level with this Glowing EL Wire Set with a had controller to switch the lights On and Off

This set is for a ‘plug and play’ EL Wire and Driver – but you have to attach it to your own costume

With the set you get:

1) 2 pieces of 3metres EL Wire

2) 6 pieces of 1 metre EL Wire

3) A ‘Dance Act’ Driver that has a 1.2m long power cord that runs down the arm allowing the performer to turn the lights on and off at will

This driver is powerful enough to glow up to 15 metres of EL Wire

4) plus several splitters (3x 2way, 2x 4way, a spare 5way and 2x extenders)

By ‘daisy chaining’ the splitters you can have all the lengths of EL Wire attached to this one driver

5) 50 x Clear Hoops to make it easy to attach the EL Wire to the costume and also make it removable so you can put it through the washing machine

hoops for attaching el wire to clothing


The EL Wire can be any combination of these colours:

Light  Blue (Tron Blue), Purple, Deep Blue, Grass Green, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Turquoise-Green and White

The whole kit is ready to use – just plug and play!

Dance Act with EL Wires from EL Wire Craft

Our EL Wires in Action

Dimensions of the products:

If you are making a costume it is important to plan it out properly.

For this Dance Act set, the driver is very powerful and so it comes with a separate power pack that takes 8XAA batteries

or a powerful rechargeable (3000mAh) Lithium-Ion Battery and battery charger (please choose the plug type you need)

So here are the dimensions of all the parts plus lengths of wire between them.


Takes 8 X AA batteries (not supplied) and is 6.5cm X 6cm X 3cm

The Rechargeable Li-ion battery is smaller and lighter:

172g (7.3cm x 5.6cm x 2.2cm)

it has a 65cm thin power wire coming out of it that leads to the…


The driver is 6cm X 4cm X 4cm

It has a 1.2m long power lead coming out that ends with an ON/OFF plunger giving you the ability to control the light

It has a 55cm wire coming out of it that leads to a…


The Splitters are 40cm long in total,

it is 20cm of wire which then splits into the separate strands which are all 20cm long

2 X 3 metres is for the body

6 X 1 metres is for the legs, arms and head

Its not complicated or fiddly – I’ve just given all those details if you want to plan your costume before you buy the set

robo dance act supplied by EL Wire Craft

EL Wire Dance Act

The whole kit is ready to use – just plug and play!
We have some crazy glowing masks & glasses that go well with this kit – take a look!

el wire and el tape

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