EL Tape TRON SET = 2 x 40cm EL Tape + EL Hoops + EL Wire + Driver


This amazing plug and play set consists of:


This amazing item consists of:

1) 2 pieces of 2cm x 40cm EL Tape,

2) 4 x 6cm EL Hoops,

3) 2 pieces of 1m x 1.5mm EL Wire,

4) 2 x 4-way splitters and a 2-way splitter,

5) and a powerful portable Driver/Inverter with either an 8xAA battery box (batteries not supplied) or a 3000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery (only available in the UK due to airmail postal restrictions),

6) It also comes with 80cm of Velcro – sticky on one side and sewable on the other to help you attach the tape and hoops to a costume

The EL Wire can be any combination of these colours:

Light Blue (Tron Blue), White and Orange

The whole kit is ready to use – just plug and play!

Dimensions of the products:

If you are making a costume, it is a good idea to plan it out properly.

For this set, the driver is very powerful and comes with a separate power pack.

So here are the dimensions of all the parts plus lengths of wire between them.

Feel free to message us if you have any questions.


Takes 8 x AA batteries (not supplied) and is 6.5cm x 6cm x 3cm

it has a 65cm thin power wire coming out of it that leads to the…


The driver is 6cm x 4cm x 4cm

It has the controls on it – Off, Flashing or On

It has a 55cm wire coming out of it that leads to the…


The Splitter is 40cm long in total,

it is 20cm of wire which then splits into 3 separate strands which are all 20cm long – 2 of them then lead to…


The EL Tape has a metre of wire on it before the 2cm X 40cm super-bright glow of the EL Tape

The tape is just 350 microns thick – that is 1/3rd of a millimetre!

Sticky back Velcro is supplied that is the exact width of the EL Tape – be careful putting it on as that glue is VERY sticky

You must sew the other part of the Velcro onto the costume making it very convenient to attach and remove

Of course, you don’t need to use the Velcro and can fix it any way you choose


Two channels of the splitter lead to these glowing discs of EL Tape onto the shoulders

These 6cm diameter hoops also come with sticky back Velcro discs to attach them to your costume


This thin but very bright EL Wire gives an amazing effect as it runs from the hoop near the collar, over the shoulder, down the back and round the waist where it meets the other EL Hoop


This is how we recommend using the splitters:
The end connector from both 40cm tapes, and the two ‘collar’ Hoops all connect to a 4-way splitter

The connectors from the Hoops on the waist and the end of the angel hair wire all connect up to a 4-way splitter

The 4-way splitters then connect up to the 2-way splitter and that connects to the driver – simple! 😉

Its not complicated or fiddly – we’ve just given all those details if you want to plan your costume before you buy the set – feel free to message us if you have any questions.

The whole kit is ready to use – just plug and play!

We have some crazy glowing masks & glasses that go well with this kit – take a look!

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el wire and el tape

This El Tape comes with a standard connector so simply plugs into any EL driver – this makes it easy to change between coloured wire on one inverter

By using splitters you can also connect different strands to the same driver.

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