EL Panel – 3cm x 5cm




These tiny EL Panels are really handy and can have so many uses. They run off any EL Driver and you can ‘daisy chain’ splitters to have as many as you want lit up.

The item we offer to you is a versatile 3cm wide and 5cm long Electroluminescent Panel.

With a driver, these glow very brightly making them ideal for the eye piece in masks.

The panel itself is less than half a millimetre thick but is not see-through.

The Panels are £2.99 each

In the drop down menu you can choose to have:

Single 3cm x 5cm EL Panels

2 x Panels plus a 2-way splitter

2 x Panels plus a 2-way splitter and a 2xAA battery inverter

4 x Panels plus a 4-way splitter

Or 4 x Panels, plus a 4-way splitter and a 2xAA battery inverter.

Other inverters, EL Panel, EL Tape and EL Wire are available in our online store.

Or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The 3cm x 5cm are currently available in these colours:

Light Blue (Tron Blue), Red, Pink, Deep Pink, White, Grass Green and Deep Blue

EL Panels

EL Tape is an incredibly versatile material it can be bent and wrapped around things.

It can even have holes and shapes punched into it and be cut to your chosen shape.

All our EL Wire and EL Tape has connectors attached so (with the right driver) it is just plug and play

wires already attached to EL Tape

Standard EL Tape with wires and connector

We have EL Panels and EL Tape in all sorts of shapes and sizes

Including animated and sound activated moving panels!

el wire and el tape

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